TSAVO is a real estate investment company focused on enabling our investors to achieve Financial Independence through low risk high return real estate investments. We offer a complete end to end service where we design, build, sell and manage real estate specifically for investment.

Having designed some of the most iconic buildings in Nairobi over the last 16 years, we have a deep understanding and passion for architecture.

We deliver neighborhood defining buildings to maximize your rental yield and the occupancy rates, guaranteeing you a high return, to accelerate your pipeline, towards financial independence.

Financial Independence is having sufficient assets that generate passive cash flows to meet your needs, wants and desires without you needing to work.

We provide you with an opportunity to invest in real estate; an asset class that has potential for long term returns driven by both rental income and capital gains.

Our flexible payment plans allow you to contribute towards your investment over the project period which makes it affordable as you don’t have to have the entire investment amount at a go.

We have various projects that you can invest in, one after the other and reinvest your cash flows further augmenting your journey towards financial independence through compounding of your returns.   

We give you an opportunity to build up your asset base that will generate for you future cash flows. 

All our products so far are in low risk, high return real estate. We have started with apartments but will in time add commercial and office space to our offering.

Visit our investments’ page, to view the individual projects, and get more information on how you can jump start your journey to financial independence.

Our Purpose is to walk with our partners to Financial Independence through low risk high return real estate investments.

More than just buying a house, you will benefit from an investment culture where our first goal is to preserve your Capital ( low risk) and add a high return on your capital through capital gains and rental yield

Our promise for neighborhood defining buildings maximizes your rental yield and the occupancy rates, guaranteeing you a high return, to accelerate your pipeline, towards financial independence. Our low cost business model guarantees you value for money and lowers your investment risk substantially.

We are based in Nairobi, Kenya; With offices located at Park Place, along Magadi Rd. (5 Min from Galleria Mall)

“TSAVO is a real estate investment company focused on enabling our investors achieve Financial Independence.”

EARN while you SLEEP

Attractive Locations
Serene & Secure Environments with scenic views of surrounding landscapes.
Live in next generation houses that have a 3-Star Hotel feel.
Affordable Financing
We offer attractive prices and affordable payment plans that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
Unparalleled Returns
Experience the highest returns in the market on your investment; with up-to 8.5% Rental yield & over 43% Capital Gains.

Royal Suburbs




Royal Suburbs is a unique architectural-residential development that will define Roysambu neighborhood.

Coral Bells





 Coral Bells stands above other developments in the larger Thindigua area being top in design, ambiance & rental return.

90 Degrees



90 Degrees is the perfect interjection of economy and value meant to uplift the lifestyle of Embakasi dwellers.

 Laiser Place


Rongai, Kenya.

This neighborhood defining apartment comprises of 60 units of 1 and 2 bedrooms set overlooking Ngong Hills.

TSAVO Housing Survey

What is Your Financial Independence Number?

Financial Independence

The Slight Edge

 You are only one call away from financial independence!

We delight in walking with our partners to Financial Independence. Give us a call today to book a session, and jumpstart your journey towards financial independence!

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