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Did you know that if you practice simple daily habits over time, you will get extraordinary results? These habits are surprisingly easy to do and tragically, easy not to do.

The extraordinarily positive or negative results can stem from simple habits in diet, exercise, social media, personal development, relationships, investments etc.

This effect is known as ‘slight edge‘.

Steven Covey says:
sow a thought, reap an action
sow an action, reap a habit
sow a habit, reap a character
sow a character, reap destiny
Lets read on the slight edge and see how it can help us reach Financial Independence.



Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true while others spend their lives building someone else’s dream? Why are some people successful and others failures?

What’s the difference – really? We all know there is a difference because we can see that some people make it and others don’t, and the difference is not heredity, education, looks, talent or inheritance.

It is not ‘preparedness meeting opportunity,’ and it is not chance either. It is what Jeff Olson calls “the slight edge”.

The slight edge philosophy is a powerful tool, it can work for or against you and the successful people understand this and use it to their advantage.

The slight edge is not something that will make you successful quick; a magic bullet or a quantum leap but rather a philosophy. It shows us that success is not a big thing that happens to the chosen ones but it’s made of small things that are surprisingly easy to do and tragically easy not do.

Have you ever had a choice between browsing Facebook and learning something new for 15 minutes? Which one would you chose? It doesn’t really matter, right? Whichever one you choose won’t make a difference.

It’s not that after spending 15 minutes learning something new you’re going to be a master at that skill tomorrow or spending 15 minutes on Facebook is going to ruin your life.

So we have this paradox now, because on one hand you’re right, this small decision won’t make any difference in your life; it won’t affect you at all, but on the other hand this little decision is all that matters. What if you extrapolate those 15 minutes over the next year, what about now? Would it matter? What about over the next 3 years? What if you instead of drinking water you drink soda? One glass doesn’t matter, one way or the other- or does it?

What if instead of sleeping in for 30 minutes you did 30 press ups every morning? What do you think would happen? Imagine reading 10 pages of a book before going to bed. It’s easy to read 10 pages before going to bed, and everyone can do it. But because it is very easy to do it, it’s also very easy not to do.

It’s not like you’re going to wake up tomorrow and probably feel extremely smart, but what if you did that for the whole year? That’s about 10-15 books. 15 good books can transform the way you think about and see the world. Those 10 minutes before bed can give you more real life knowledge than spending 4 years in college.

That’s what successful people do:

Simple things that are easy to do.And tragically easy not to do.


Little things, when compounded, matter and you should take full responsibility for where you are in your life, because THAT’S the result of each and every decision you have made so far.

Whereas compound interest is the accelerator to your journey, daily habits are the hinges that will help you open the great door to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

Stop blaming other people, talent, inheritance or even luck. The difference between being that successful person or continue being average, lies 100% in which of those ‘insignificant’ actions you choose to do.

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