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 Did you know…?

That by the age of 65, out of every 100 working professionals:

  • 1 will be rich
  • 4 will be Financially Independent
  • 15 will have some money put aside
  • 80 will be broke, still needing employment, dependent on their children or charity or dead

If you are reading this, you most probably are a college educated working professional. The question is: Where do you think your spending habits will land you on the statistics above?
Today’s article shows simple and systematic ways to ensure you attain Financial Independence – a desire I am sure you have.


Here’s to your Financial Independence!

Leonard Mcharo
Pipeline Builder


Most of us know of members of our extended families who had good jobs and who lived enviable + lavish lifestyles when they were working and now, after retirement, or being fired they are without an income and dependent on their children or just plain broke and miserable.We may also know of others (and these are much fewer) who also had good jobs or just simple jobs, lived OK but not lavish lifestyles and now, after retirement, being fired or quitting, live similar lifestyles or even far better.

Can you think of specific people who fall into these two groups?

What differentiates these two groups of people? The answer is so simple it may sound cliché – The first group spent as much as or more than they earned while the rest spent less than they earned and invested the rest.

In fact, those who fully attain Financial Independence first invest, then spend on their needs, wants and desires while those who end up in financial strain spend it all (and then some) and hope the gravy train never stops – it always does.

Let’s illustrate these two paths with a simple diagram.

On which path are you?

It really is this simple and yet the difference between financial dependency & misery and Financial Independence is as clear as night and day.

As we keep stating in this newsletter,
Financial Independence is…

Owning through investments that generate for you sufficient monthly passive income to meet your needs, wants and desires – without needing to work.

From my personal experience which I have shared in this forum, the state of Financial Independence is a wonderful experience.

To be clear, my wife and I have not stopped working. In fact, we work even harder than before; the difference is why we work. It is no longer to meet our daily needs (our rental properties do that for us comfortably). We now work for a higher ideal – to walk as many working professionals as would care to listen to their Financial Independence.

The members of the small but ferocious team at TSAVO have all committed to walk this journey and they will attain theirs in less than 5 years.

  • Do you desire to attain your Financial Independence?
  • Do you desire to be able to choose the work you do, not because of the paycheck but because it is what you are passionate about?
  • Do you desire to meet all the needs, wants and desires of your family without being stressed?
I am happy to inform you that this goal is within your reach regardless of your income level (I started my journey when earning 15,000 per month).

We are committed to keep informing, educating and inspiring you to invest in your Financial Independence but the job to actually reduce your spending and start investing lies squarely on your shoulders.

Get in touch with us and start your walk and remember to invest in your Financial Independence.

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