About Us

TSAVO is a real estate investment company. We design, build, sell and manage real estate specifically for investment.


At the heart of TSAVO is TSAVOISM, our unchanging core ideology that drives vision, long term goals, strategies, methods and performance standards. TSAVOISM is made up of Purpose, Core Values and the Hedgehog Concept. If we remain rooted in TSAVOISM, we will achieve our VISION: To be the M-pesa of Real Estate Investments

Our Purpose

We exist to walk with our partners towards their financial independence through low risk, high return real estate investments.

Core Values

These are exhibited in everything we do, everything we say, everything we are: 1. Discipline
2. Partnership
3. Experience
4. Value

The Pipeline

The Pipeline, is our feature blog section that contains amongst other informatives: our newsletters, our latest proprietary researches and overall insights on the Real Estate and Finance industry(s).

Please feel free to sit back, enjoy our informative jots here and engage with us on the comments section.

Tsavo Ecosystem

To walk with our partners towards their financial independence requires an end-to-end investment ecosystem built on Specific, Methodical and Consistent strategic practices. The evolution of this ecosystem stemmed from the critical strategic considerations:

Customer Needs: Low Risk; High Return Investments, Low lifecycle costs and personal involvement, Accessible and affordable financing.
Unique Value Proposition: Financial independence through low risk, high return real estate investments.
Solutions: Neighbourhood Defining Buildings,Investment advisory and financing,
Property consultancy and management

Tsavo Financing

We are alive to the fact that without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile. So we aim to solve one of the biggest hurdles in any investment journey, that of access to affordable and convenient financing. TSAVO Money is tailored to promote investment opportunities and is committed to creating opportunities for our partners to save and invest in order to achieve financial independence. We do this through offering low interest, long term loans whose only collateral is the investment you will be making.

TSAVO is a real estate investment company, made of TSAVORITES passionate about walking with our partners towards attaining of their financial independence through low risk, high return real estate investments.

All our products so far are in low risk, high return real estate. We have started with apartments but will in time add commercial and office space to our offering.

Our Purpose is to walk with you towards your financial independence through low risk high return real estate investments.

More than just buying a house, you will benefit from an investment culture where our first goal is to preserve your Capital ( low risk) and add a high return on your capital through capital gains and rental yield.

Yes we do!

We understand the pressures of financing and credit funding. To ease the financial burden off our investors, we offer our very own TSAVO financing; that funds 60% of the total project cost, at a flat ,10% interest rate on the reducing balance, over a period of 10 years.

Thus, giving you more value, than any other real estate investment in the Kenyan market.

We are based in Nairobi, Kenya; With offices located at Park Place, along Magadi Rd. (5 Min from Galleria Mall)


These are the talented, the disciplined, the passionate. They are driven, fierce, and ambitious.
The heavens are above them, the earth below them and fire within them. When asked “what do you do?” their singular reply is “Whatever it takes!” They are the iconoclastic ones who engage with our purpose like it’s about to go extinct. They value experience, and partner with the disciplined; they work for no one but the truth, the noble, the great.
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