LAISER PLACE - The Beauty of Value

Laiser Place is a neighborhood defining apartment complex comprising of 60 units of 1 and 2 bedrooms. Set in a serene environment overlooking Ngong Hills; the apartment block is located in Rongai, along Thorn Tree Road, 500m off Magadi Road.

Laiser Place is the perfect investment for the investor with Location in mind, with prices beginning at 2.9M for a 1 bedroom and 4.3M for a two bedroom house investment.

Amenities Offered:

We offer unparalleled quality, and game changing amenities, to maximize your rental yield and the occupancy rates; guaranteeing you a high return, to accelerate your pipeline, towards financial independence.

Suspended Swimming Pool
Spacious Living areas
Spacious & Ample underground parking
Children’s Play Area

Current Construction Update

About Laiser Place

Ongata Rongai has a very strong rental market with well built developments attaining 95%+ occupancy within the first three months after completion. The Laiser area specifically is highly favoured since it offers a more tranquil and upmarket environment, also some of the best schools in Rongai are located there making the area attractive to parents.

Our projects are designed to be complete within 12 months. Should a project need to take longer, we will specify before we get into any engagement.

Laiser Place, is in construction at the moment, and is scheduled to be complete by January, 2018.

Our Purpose is to walk with you towards your financial independence through our low risk high return real estate investments.

More than just buying a house, you will benefit from an investment culture where our first goal is to preserve your Capital ( low risk) and add a high return on your capital through capital gains and rental yield of up to 8.5%

In walking with our partners, we seek to understand their overall financial plan, short- and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, and preferences. The potential complexity associated with taking all of these factors into account requires a disciplined approach.

So we aimed to solve one of the biggest hurdles in any investment journey, that of access to affordable and convenient financing, through TSAVO Money.

TSAVO Money is tailored to promote investment opportunities and is committed to creating opportunities for our partners to save and invest in order to achieve financial independence. We do this through offering affordable payment options whose goal is to enable you to invest, and grow your investment portfolio, thus attain financial independence!

90% SOLD
KES 2.9monly
KES 4.3monly

Ideal investment option for individuals, investment clubs, chamas, saccos & corporations”

More information, such as the floor plans, the investment information and the payment plans info are contained in the Unique Value Proposition document below.

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